Monday, June 18, 2018

Over All I Know

News is news no matter what…

Renae sent me a text today it said, "Your match has been approved by all. Just waiting to hear when we will get the referral paper work." I have to admit this text brought excitement and disappointment at the same time. I just want that dag, gone referral already! I'm feeling so impatient and hopeless these days. That's not a comfortable place for me to be in since I am usually a happy, optimistic person.

So what it means is that we still have no idea is our referral letter has even been drafted yet. Once drafted Mme Villedrouin needs to sign it, then it can be sent to Renae who will then send it to translations which takes another week or so to get back….whew…. Anyway, I am grateful that there is some news!

I posted this song today because I need it. Life sometimes just gets tough and it's hard to tell what is going on. It's the hottest time of the year, upper 90's*, and our AC goes out. Our furnace is old too so they both need to be replaced. We are waiting on our impending referral to go to Haiti, so the timing of paying for a for new AC and furnace just isn't great. I am confident that God will provide, but I will admit it is a bit scary. Our church has been such a blessing to us. They helped us raise the last big chunk of $$ for our travel and they have been super helpful while we've been without AC. I can see God providing already.

This song is titled God Over All I Know, but He is over all I DON'T know too. He is the one in control and He will make a way. He has not brought us this far to watch us fall apart.

My prayer is that this circumstance will be used for His glory and for His gain. What a testimony of God's provision. Our adoption, our life for that matter! His is the One above it all. He stands alone He's the God over ALL!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Mother's Day at LBC

Mothers Day was bitter sweet this year. Not only did I not get to see my mom, since we live in different states again, but it's another Mother's Day without ALL my children being home.

HOWEVER, our church LBC did something amazing for us. In honor of Mothers Day our church decided to adopt an adopting mom….you guessed it…ME!! We are only needing enough funds for our last two trips to Haiti; one, for our bonding trip and the other, for our homecoming trip. Our pastor, Tyler Green thought it would be a great idea to take up a love offering to help us raise the rest of our funds!! In just two weeks we raised $3,500!! God is so good! It should just about cover it. Now we are debt free and we can boldly and confidently say that our Father has provided for us EVERY.STEP.OF.THE.WAY!

So where do we stand today? Well, today is June 6th. It just so happens to be our oldest baby girls 14th birthday. We are anxiously awaiting a phone call from Renae saying that she has our official referral. We are told that is only has to pass through the hands of one lady, Mrs. Jean. Once Mrs. Jean approves it we get it!! Our pray is that this Friday, she only works on Friday, that Mrs Jean will pick up our son's file and give it to our agency!

Please pray will us for this next step to happen. We are SO READY!!

Stay tuned….

Saturday, April 21, 2018

year 2….

2 Years!! How in the world did that happen?! So many things have transpired since we first started this arduous journey.

Our move to Ohio has been tough, but here we are almost 4 months later and we are starting to se some huge benefits to our move.

My new job…So I got a job at Envision Partnerships. I absolutely love it! I am a prevention coordinator at two different middle schools, Garfield and Wilson. I had no idea the opportunities I would have to be a witness there. It has been so incredibly rewarding.

Kids at school…every week is a little better than the week before, but Cadance is still struggling to find someone who'll be a good friend to her. There is this boy though! So Tyler asked her out and she said…NO! Whew, that was close.

Church…it's amazing! It was tough at first, but it's getting better. We are so happy to be back and see what the Lord is doing here.

Ok so 2 years have gone by since we have been accepted into IBESR. Some days it feels like it was 100 years ago and other days it feels like the last 2 years have flown by.

Here's where we are at.

April 18, 2018…a day that I thought would be a "blah" day. (10 year anniversary of my brother passing) I was going into work late due to state testing. My plan was stay at home and study until it was time to go. Instead, my phone rang and it was Renae! I was shocked because I knew she was in Bogata, Columbia. I'll spare you the suspense. NOT a referral call, BUT it was about our referral. There was a translation issue. They wrote ages 2-7 instead of 2-5. And wouldn't you know it; they matched us with a child who is older than 5. We talked it over briefly only to decided that we were fine with that. Before we got a chance to call Renae to give her the news she called us back. While we were discussing things here we were being talked about in Haiti. There is another child who matches our dossier and he is "paper ready". So now we wait…again. I guess next week the matching committee will decide which child is the best fit for our family. It's crazy to think about about, but I have to trust that God knows our situation and he loves those boys so much. I pray that the Lord will be ever present in that room the day a decision is made. I pray that God will provide another family for the whomever does not get chosen. Just writing about this makes my stomach hurt. Why does there have to be so many children who are in need of forever families? I wish I could just take them both. The whole situation is heartbreaking and yet so exciting at the same time. We are so anxious to meet our new son, and yet I know once we know who our son is it means another little boy is still without loving parents.

April 20, 2018…Exactly 2 years in IBESR. We met with our new social worker here in Ohio to keep things moving with our new Home Study. The day had more excitement than I thought would. All I can think about is our referral! It finally feels like there is light at the end of t he tunnel.

Next week I am praying that the committee actually does meet and that we are matched with the child God intends for us. Words cannot express how exciting it is to know that we could "see" our son in the very near future.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Therapeutic blogging

Tomorrow is our 20 month anniversary of being in IBESR. Which is a fancy name for child social services in Haiti. They have recognized us as, not only acceptable adoptive parents, but they've even matched us with our son! Yup, you read that correctly...we were matched in June of this year (2017). 

The hope of a September referral has long been gone, but I can't help but hope for a Christmas miracle. It's the Pollyanna side of me I guess. Nick is not as optimistic as I am. He is predicting at least a few more months of waiting...waiting for the one of the best phone calls I'll ever get. "Hi Tara, it's Renae. I have your official referral letter. You are now able to meet your son." Oh my goodness!!!! I cannot wait for those words to come out of her mouth. Will she call tomorrow on our 20 month anniversary? Only God knows. 

Today is just an emotional day...Nick and I just closed on our new home in Ohio. I am excited and sad all at the same time. Leaving my family here in Colorado will not be easy, but starting a new chapter in our life in Ohio is exactly what our family needs and I am looking forward to this new journey. 

My hope and prayer today is that if another Christmas passes without our referral that I will press into the Lord and all His promises. That I will not grow weary, but trust in the sovereignty of the Lord. 

My other prayer is for our son. I pray that this Christmas he knows that his heavenly Father loves him passionately and unconditionally. I pray that he has the best Christmas that he's ever had knowing that soon he'll be with his forever family. I pray that God will move mountains and that the people in charge in Haiti will be motivated to do what they need to do to get children home. I pray for the spiritual warfare that is ever so present here in the US and in Haiti. That God almighty will prevail and that God alone gets the victory over the hearts and minds of the children stuck in a broken system and for the adults who are over them. 

Thank you so much to those of you who are praying with us. Nick and I are so grateful for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Merry Christmas to you all and Happy New year!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

1,016 days of waiting so far

                                                                                      Today is Nov 1, 2017.

We have been in IBESR for 18 months and 12 days.
However, we decided to adopt 1,016 days ago.

I haven't updated this blog since August and I honestly thought my next blog would be about 
our referral. 

It's not.😢

However, a lot has transpired since August so today I'll just catch everyone up on the 
Olson family drama. 

We have decided it was time to move our family back to Ohio. Without over explaining it; we feel the Lord is leading us back to where we started.  We are extremely excited and sad all at the same time. We are following in faith. We cannot not physically see the Lord, but our faith is 20/20! We can follow that in confidence anywhere.

Many of you are wondering how this affects our adoption. Nothing major changes. Whew....We'll have to update our Home Study once we are settled in, but other than that, our job now is to just keep waiting.

Here's the recap of what's going on; unfortunately it hasn't changed much since this summer.

  • We were told in May to pay our referral fee and that we'd more than likely get our official referral letter by September. That means the matching committee in Haiti is actively searching for us a child, but they want four months to get everything in order. 
  • In June we got a call telling us that they found our son! Our case worker told us it was like taking a pregnancy test. All we know is that he has been found, but there is no information yet about him.
  • In July we were told our match was approved! We were also told that there still was not an official referral letter. (Meaning, we have ZERO information about him and we've not been invited yet to go on our bonding trip.)
That's about it. See, not much to report. We are still waiting for our little guy. Waiting for the call that our referral letter is ready. 

For now, here's what we're doing. Praying that he is safe, healthy and happy. Praying that the Lord brings him a peace in his heart and that he feels loved where ever he is.

We are praying for our family here as we transition to a new phase in life. 
God's timing is perfect and He knew that to get in a referral in September would have 
been difficult. 

My selfish prayer is that we'll get our referral in December when I am with all my family just before we move. 
How cool would that be?!?! It would truly be the best present ever! 

However, I'm sharing these quotes because I know God's in control and He has already worked thing out for our good!!

Thank you so much for all the love and support you've shown us over the past 1,016 days. We are very grateful for the village the Lord has given us. I promise to update as soon as we hear about our referral!

Blessings to you all!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Aug 17, 2017 update

I'm not even sure how to start this post. So many emotions today. One one hand I'm feeling discouraged and the other hand I'm jumping for joy! AHH! This is so hard.

I guess I'll start with the discouraging news. Everyone likes to get that over with first anyway, right?

So there is a strike going on in Haiti. It's been going on for a while. This means important paperwork isn't being completed and those of us who are anxiously waiting to hear news will most likely not hear anything until things in Haiti go back to normal. When will it go back to normal? Only God knows! I'd go into more details, but I am purposefully not researching this more as it it not good for my tender heart. If you'd like more info on the strike click here

Naturally, this is hard news for every family trying to get through this process, but for us it's hard news because we paid our referral fee back in May. We were told we'd most likely get our referral by September and now we are not so sure that will happen. I'm trusting in God's timing though! He knows what's best and we have to wait on Him. I have NO doubt in my mind that God "can" move mountains I just struggle with the "when" He'll move it. 🌄

For now, I will continue to pray for him and love him from afar. 💙


OK time to share the GREAT news!! Today we received and email from the JSC Foundation. They just awarded us a $7,000 grant! Holy Smokes! That's our biggest grant we've received. Praise the Lord!

I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Lord is working on our behalf. I have been telling Nick every day for the past 2 weeks that I feel like God is up to something, I just don't know exactly what it is.
Let me try to explain. First of all, I picked up a babysitting job to help us make some more money for our growing family. I found out Sunday that it will end in September. 😬 I was worried, but at the same time I felt a total peace. Secondly, I am stepping down from my job as the Children's Director at the church. This one is a tough one, but again I have a total peace about it. I am not sure why I have peace...I should be completely freaking out! It's a huge chuck of money that we are used to getting that will all be going away very soon. BUT, the goal is to get me out of so many responsibilities so that I can just focus on being a mom. I also need to be ready at a moments notice to go on our socialization trip for 15 days. Both of which would be extremely difficult if I was still working 2 jobs. Lastly, our wonderful kids seem to be really thriving right now. Yes, I know Ireland broke her leg this summer badly, but it has really helped shape her into an even more beautiful, thoughtful person than before. Cadance has all the sudden grown up into what looks like a young woman! 😩 Not sure how that happened, but she just grows more and more mature and beautiful with each passing day. And Christian! Well, if you knew Christian a year ago you'd understand that he is a totally different kid. He went from a constant state of worry and sickness (asthma) to this vibrant, confident & healthy child! 🙌😀 He started Middle school today and he was ready to take on the world! I am so proud to be their mom and I am looking forward to making some great memories with them this year.

So here we are, waiting on bated breath for the call from Renae that we have our referral letter and we can go meet our son. I know it would take a miracle right now for that to happen... It's a good thing I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES! 

Today, I will try to balance my emotions of sadness (that another day has gone by with no news of sweet boy) and I will rejoice in the fact that God is moving. He and He alone is the reason that we have received another grant. He is doing exactly what He promised us He would do. Thank you LORD! He has proven to us again that He has got this!

For my future son:

Today at 1:32 pm Aug. 17, 2017, I sit at the kitchen table thinking about you. Wondering who you are, and what you're up to? I pray for you ALL the time. I cannot wait for the day that I get to hold you in my arms and tell you how much I love you. I pray Jesus wraps you up in peace and love today. I pray that you are safe and warm and that someone will show you love today. Please know that we all long for the day you're home forever. 

Praise report~ 

  1.  $7k Grant!
  2. That God continues to show Himself to us through this hard process!

Prayer request~ 

  1. For our referral letter to come by September
  2. For the strike to end
  3. For us to raise the final cost of our adoption
  4. For all of the families that have been waiting for so long to bring their child home. 😞

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Well that was a surprise!

June 16, 2017 started out like most busy summer days do. Nick and I were going to spend our entire day trying to entertain our kids, get the dogs to the groomers and paint the entire basement! I'll just get to the surprise part...I was driving alone to go pick up the dogs and I was blasting Lauren Daigles' I will Trust in You song, because it's on KLove about 100 times in a hour. It's ok though cuz I love that song. Anyway, my phone rang and I saw that it was from Nightlight. I was expecting the call to be from Emily since we owe $2,800 for a post adoption report. ugh...Well, to my surprise it was Renae, our caseworker! She started out by saying that she did not have our referral letter :( BUT Lahomy, one of the IBESR rep's told her that they found a match for our family!!! AHH!! I instantly burst into tears. I was not expecting this kind of new since not even a month a go we were told not to expect much until September!
There are no details yet, Renae explained like being pregnant. Renae is like the pregnancy test; for now. Later she'll be an ultra sound; referral letter and lastly, she be the mid-wife; when we finally bring our little man home. So for now, I will trust that Lord is moving mountains! He is preparing our hearts and our future sons heart. I CANNOT wait to see his sweet little face, know his name, his age...but for now I know he's there.

I am so thankful that the Lord hears our cry! Today my tears are happy ones, they are filled with hope and anticipation.

Renae told us to be praying for 2 specific things:

1. Our dossier is missing our Immigration Approval (it's expired and our officer is working on it)
2. For our son dossier to be neat and tidy and that there is no need to fix or update it.

Once both of these 2 things are in order we'll get our official referral letter!!