Saturday, June 17, 2017

Well that was a surprise!

June 16, 2017 started out like most busy summer days do. Nick and I were going to spend our entire day trying to entertain our kids, get the dogs to the groomers and paint the entire basement! I'll just get to the surprise part...I was driving alone to go pick up the dogs and I was blasting Lauren Daigles' I will Trust in You song, because it's on KLove about 100 times in a hour. It's ok though cuz I love that song. Anyway, my phone rang and I saw that it was from Nightlight. I was expecting the call to be from Emily since we owe $2,800 for a post adoption report. ugh...Well, to my surprise it was Renae, our caseworker! She started out by saying that she did not have our referral letter :( BUT Lahomy, one of the IBESR rep's told her that they found a match for our family!!! AHH!! I instantly burst into tears. I was not expecting this kind of new since not even a month a go we were told not to expect much until September!
There are no details yet, Renae explained like being pregnant. Renae is like the pregnancy test; for now. Later she'll be an ultra sound; referral letter and lastly, she be the mid-wife; when we finally bring our little man home. So for now, I will trust that Lord is moving mountains! He is preparing our hearts and our future sons heart. I CANNOT wait to see his sweet little face, know his name, his age...but for now I know he's there.

I am so thankful that the Lord hears our cry! Today my tears are happy ones, they are filled with hope and anticipation.

Renae told us to be praying for 2 specific things:

1. Our dossier is missing our Immigration Approval (it's expired and our officer is working on it)
2. For our son dossier to be neat and tidy and that there is no need to fix or update it.

Once both of these 2 things are in order we'll get our official referral letter!!

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