Wednesday, November 1, 2017

1,016 days of waiting so far

                                                                                      Today is Nov 1, 2017.

We have been in IBESR for 18 months and 12 days.
However, we decided to adopt 1,016 days ago.

I haven't updated this blog since August and I honestly thought my next blog would be about 
our referral. 

It's not.😢

However, a lot has transpired since August so today I'll just catch everyone up on the 
Olson family drama. 

We have decided it was time to move our family back to Ohio. Without over explaining it; we feel the Lord is leading us back to where we started.  We are extremely excited and sad all at the same time. We are following in faith. We cannot not physically see the Lord, but our faith is 20/20! We can follow that in confidence anywhere.

Many of you are wondering how this affects our adoption. Nothing major changes. Whew....We'll have to update our Home Study once we are settled in, but other than that, our job now is to just keep waiting.

Here's the recap of what's going on; unfortunately it hasn't changed much since this summer.

  • We were told in May to pay our referral fee and that we'd more than likely get our official referral letter by September. That means the matching committee in Haiti is actively searching for us a child, but they want four months to get everything in order. 
  • In June we got a call telling us that they found our son! Our case worker told us it was like taking a pregnancy test. All we know is that he has been found, but there is no information yet about him.
  • In July we were told our match was approved! We were also told that there still was not an official referral letter. (Meaning, we have ZERO information about him and we've not been invited yet to go on our bonding trip.)
That's about it. See, not much to report. We are still waiting for our little guy. Waiting for the call that our referral letter is ready. 

For now, here's what we're doing. Praying that he is safe, healthy and happy. Praying that the Lord brings him a peace in his heart and that he feels loved where ever he is.

We are praying for our family here as we transition to a new phase in life. 
God's timing is perfect and He knew that to get in a referral in September would have 
been difficult. 

My selfish prayer is that we'll get our referral in December when I am with all my family just before we move. 
How cool would that be?!?! It would truly be the best present ever! 

However, I'm sharing these quotes because I know God's in control and He has already worked thing out for our good!!

Thank you so much for all the love and support you've shown us over the past 1,016 days. We are very grateful for the village the Lord has given us. I promise to update as soon as we hear about our referral!

Blessings to you all!

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