Saturday, April 21, 2018

year 2….

2 Years!! How in the world did that happen?! So many things have transpired since we first started this arduous journey.

Our move to Ohio has been tough, but here we are almost 4 months later and we are starting to se some huge benefits to our move.

My new job…So I got a job at Envision Partnerships. I absolutely love it! I am a prevention coordinator at two different middle schools, Garfield and Wilson. I had no idea the opportunities I would have to be a witness there. It has been so incredibly rewarding.

Kids at school…every week is a little better than the week before, but Cadance is still struggling to find someone who'll be a good friend to her. There is this boy though! So Tyler asked her out and she said…NO! Whew, that was close.

Church…it's amazing! It was tough at first, but it's getting better. We are so happy to be back and see what the Lord is doing here.

Ok so 2 years have gone by since we have been accepted into IBESR. Some days it feels like it was 100 years ago and other days it feels like the last 2 years have flown by.

Here's where we are at.

April 18, 2018…a day that I thought would be a "blah" day. (10 year anniversary of my brother passing) I was going into work late due to state testing. My plan was stay at home and study until it was time to go. Instead, my phone rang and it was Renae! I was shocked because I knew she was in Bogata, Columbia. I'll spare you the suspense. NOT a referral call, BUT it was about our referral. There was a translation issue. They wrote ages 2-7 instead of 2-5. And wouldn't you know it; they matched us with a child who is older than 5. We talked it over briefly only to decided that we were fine with that. Before we got a chance to call Renae to give her the news she called us back. While we were discussing things here we were being talked about in Haiti. There is another child who matches our dossier and he is "paper ready". So now we wait…again. I guess next week the matching committee will decide which child is the best fit for our family. It's crazy to think about about, but I have to trust that God knows our situation and he loves those boys so much. I pray that the Lord will be ever present in that room the day a decision is made. I pray that God will provide another family for the whomever does not get chosen. Just writing about this makes my stomach hurt. Why does there have to be so many children who are in need of forever families? I wish I could just take them both. The whole situation is heartbreaking and yet so exciting at the same time. We are so anxious to meet our new son, and yet I know once we know who our son is it means another little boy is still without loving parents.

April 20, 2018…Exactly 2 years in IBESR. We met with our new social worker here in Ohio to keep things moving with our new Home Study. The day had more excitement than I thought would. All I can think about is our referral! It finally feels like there is light at the end of t he tunnel.

Next week I am praying that the committee actually does meet and that we are matched with the child God intends for us. Words cannot express how exciting it is to know that we could "see" our son in the very near future.

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